My God! You're alive?

05:00 AMYou are dropped off at Kellownee Lake after receiving a message from one of Carrington's allies, Kim, that she needs help as soon as possible. You are required to find the Chalet she is currently taking cover inside. It is somewhere in the area so look around carefully! She might be an important source of information. Walk until you can hear the guards ahead talking to each other, once you have killed them, keep moving straight.

XIII Kellownee Lake

Move to the end of the trench area until you can hear more guards having a conversation. Move through small group of trees to the left. Kill the two enemies standing near the boats. The Mongoose who is in the orange boat manages to escape so forget about him for now. Move straight a little and you will hear more guards speak about the snowman they are building. Pass by the enemies you just killed and move towards the group of trees at the middle of the path. Another two enemies run down near the trees. When you pass the trees, merge to the right towards the slope that leads to a small hut and a cliff. When you make it around here, Jones's helicopter flies by above you and she informs you about the brief location of the Chalet.

XIII Kellownee Lake XIII Kellownee Lake

Go down the slope and jump on the numerous parts of ice. Avoid falling into the water or else you will start to lose health fast! Merge to the left and keep jumping across until you get to land again. When you reach land again, move up the small slope. After going up here, stick to the cliffs on the right and enter the narrow passage. Make sure you stick against the hills to the right until you reach the one enemy who is lost. Kill him! You now should be at a wooden lookout area. Keep moving until you encounter a new group of enemies that will try to ambush you. Once you have killed them, go to the narrow passage near the hills.

XIII Kellownee Lake

Follow this passage and it eventually leads to the waterfall. Stick to the ledge and quickly move across the waterfall. At the end of the ledge, go right, around the corner and up the next slope, you will find the chalet. You have located the area of the Chalet. Now you need to rescue Kim in the building before any enemies start to ambush the area. Enter the front entry of the cabin and you will meet up with Kim. Once you see her, another flashback occurs. This flashback has some important elements of the story so pay close attention! Once the flashback ends, some enemies decide to ambush the cabin. Kim runs away to the back. Once you have killed several enemies, an enemy helicopter flies nearby and there are two enemies that try to shoot at you.

XIII Kellownee Lake

Kill the enemies until you are messaged by Major Jones to evacuate via the back of the cabin. Wait until the enemies shoot a few rockets at the cabin to create a opening at the back of the building. Run back inside the cabin and exit through the blasted hole. Go down the ledges until you reach the bottom. You are now shown a frame of a rocket soldier shooting a rocket towards the snow causing an avalanche. The snow from this avalanche causes you to become stranded.

XIII Kellownee Lake
Know your arsenal
XIII Hunting Rifle XIII Uzi Minigun XIII M60

Piece things together

Remember their faces

THE MONGOOSE GUYSHitmen hired by The Mongoose, most of them are already wanted by the police.

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