I'm starting to doubt this man's identity...

04:00 PMYou were knocked unconscious from the avalanche during the previous mission. You now have been captured by The Mongoose's mercenaries and they send you to a prison facility known as Plain Rock Penitentiary. You need to find a way to escape from this facility.

XIII Plain Rock Asylum

You are stuck inside a prison cell, next to a SPADS soldier. You have to wait until the two guards and the neurologist, Doctor Johansson comes to the front of your cell. A little bit later, The Mongoose arrives and joins in the conversation. Once they leave, one of the guard's will open the cell door. Leave the cell and turn right, moving towards the guard at the front, opening the next door. Stay close to him when he moves or else you will get hit by the baton from the guard behind, making you lose health slowly. Follow the guards until you stop and reach the guy behind the meshed counter. After the next conversation, one guard will walk down the hallway and opens the door at the end for you. You need to walk inside here. Two guards will fight you, so take them out to continue.

XIII Plain Rock Asylum

Once you get the key to the janitor's closet There is a big stack of boxes going to a vent above. You need to punch some of the brown cardboard boxes in the way to be able to access the vent. Crawl through the vent system until you are out of the bathroom and reach the next room. In the room, you will see the guard behind the meshed counter singing, take him out as well as other two guards that will come after you. You will get keys to move around the facility. After unlocking the first door at the top of the stairs, head straight until you reach "Block G-A" which is labeled on the wall where you can find supplies. Make your way to Block "F" to continue your escape until you reach an elevator surrounded by guards. Passing by the rather unusual software engineer, you now end up at the very top floor. Pass by the doors and you are now in Area "A". There are also three guards with shotguns here so kill them. Reach the execution chamber and follow the red line on the floor through various rooms until you reach a big pipe with a huge drop into water. Now that you have successfully escaped through the High-Security sector of the prison facility, you find yourself at the asylum area of the prison.

XIII Plain Rock Asylum

Walk straight and open the first door. Turn right near the double doors and open the door to the left side of the wall. You will end up in a small computer room. You can look through a door to see the receptionist and Doctor Michael talking to each other. Stick around the locked door until they both finish talking, then move back to the door that was locked behind you around the corner. It is now unlocked by a guard who entered inside the room during the conversation. Kill the guard in the room and take his silenced pistol. There is also a Magnetic Keycard you can use to open the door you were looking through. Try to avoid the receptionist from seeing you, so she cannot activate the alarm. Use the Keycard again to open the next see through door. Turn left and follow the corridor until you reach a big open hallway to the left. There are some guards that patrol the hallway area, so kill any you see before they manage to activate the alarms. Continue until you see a door leading to Doctor Johansson's area. You can't access it yet so reach the morgue which is next to it. At the back of the room are big shelves that they keep the dead bodies inside. Most of them are empty, but above the shelves is a vent shaft. Crawl through the vents until you reach the ceiling above Johansson's office, which will break.

XIII Plain Rock Asylum

Doctor Johansson will then start attacking you with knives. Move around and use your guns first to get headshots, making him lose health quicker. Once Doctor Johansson is dead, grab the key from his dead body. You then find out that Doctor Johansson is actually Number XX. Before unlocking the door to the cell the nurse is stuck inside, go to the small office at the corner of the room. Behind the desk is a painting in the middle and behind this painting is a safe. Wait until a flashback starts very shortly. When the flashback finishes and you snap out of it, the painting is moved upwards, leaving the safe exposed. Use the key you picked up from the Doctor to open the safe. The nurse generously lets you take her hostage since there are some guards closing in to your position. Kill any guards you see until you get to the other end of the hallway. Go back to the reception area and then the receptionist panics, forcing the guard behind the protective glass at the exit to open the doors. Kill this last guard and move towards the ambulance to finish the level.

XIII Plain Rock Asylum

After successfully escaping the prison facility, but incidentally crashing into a ditch, you now need to escape from the area as quick as possible! Keep moving until you reach a higher level using your grapling hook. Drop down to the lower area and move forward, use your magnum to pick off the two enemies ahead. Keep moving straight, using your grapling hook when needed. A few enemies with Kalashs and Sniper Rifles will attack you. Move straight until you reach the next corner. A frame pops up showing three Bazooka soldiers getting ready around the corner, so take them out. Follow the ledges and arches to move along the level, when you arrive at the lowest point, move straight and crouch underneath the arch blocking the way. Stand up again after passing the arch and move towards the tunnel opening straight ahead. The plane with Jones is close. Keep moving, when you need to cross from one ledge to another, use your Zipline. You will encounter a lot of Bazooka soldiers along the way so be very careful. Eventually you will reach some mines, follow the path until the exit before the mine collapses.

XIII Plain Rock Asylum

Major Jones informs you that you are close to the plane. Keep following the trail until you reach some old ruins full of enemies, kill all of them and get inside the building until you reach a crawl space and into a tunnel. Crawl your way out of the tunnel and you will find the Harrier Jet waiting for you. Kill the remaining enemies and get in the plane to finish the level.

XIII Plain Rock Asylum XIII Plain Rock Asylum
Know your arsenal
XIII Zipline XIII Bazooka

Piece things together

Remember their faces

GUARDSThe prison guards at Plain Rock Penitentiary are the perfect example of corruption organized by The Conspiracy.

PLAIN ROCK'S MEDICAL STAFFWho's really in need of psychotherapy here, anyway?

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