My best man, alive!

06:00 AMJones drops you off on a snowy path and flies away. You make your way towards the base, encountering many SPAD troops along the way. The SPADs are raiding the main gate. You see several G.I. troops slaughtered along the way. Your mission is to rescue Carrington from the base.

XIII Emerald Base

You deal with the remaining SPADS in front of the base, eventually making it to a small structure that houses the bridge controls. You can hear a guard inside the structure, but the bridge controls won't work. You enter the building nearby to reconnect the power supply. After fighting your way through more SPADS, you wind up back at the bridge controls and cross to the other side. You use your grappling hook to scale the nearby cliff. You crawl through a vent in the cliffside, and hear shouts and gunfire from the other end. You are now working your way through some more vents on your way to the next part of the base. You will need to deactivate the 4 main generators to get pass the ladders to the main base.

XIII Emerald Base XIII Emerald Base

You destroy all the generators, then proceed to the corner of the base where the large ladder leads to the cliff above. After grappling down the other side of the cliff, you enter a ventilation system and work your way through the ducts. You eventually wind up above an office, where you overhear a conversation between General Standwell and Colonel MacCall. You fight your way through the hallways, you board a cargo elevator and headup, where you can hear SPADs eliminating more GIs. You deal with them find a way that leads to the room where Carrington's cell is located.

XIII Emerald Base

You and Carrington make your way out of the base. Your next objective is to reach the cable car and escape the mountain. You will need to find a fuse to power the cable car. To get it, kill a group of SPADS that are guarding the station. After reaching the cable car, the remaining SPADS will take you down with a bazooka. You will need to use the sniper to reach the bottom of the mountain. You will have to protect Carrington as he is unarmed. Jones will rescue you with the helicopter after you clear out all the enemies. Your destination is Kellownee Lake.

XIII Emerald Base
Know your arsenal
XIII Crossbow XIII Assault Rifle XIII Fuse

Piece things together
XIII White House Documents

Remember their faces

CARRINGTONGeneral Carrington hasn't lost his skill with a pistol in hands and is more experienced than most soldiers. Cigars, however, are one of his weaknesses.

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