I can't remember a thing...

09:00 AMYou awaken in a beach with no recollection of who or where you are. A lifeguard comes to your rescue when a helicopter flies by. You remember something, a boat. You were shot and had to jump off injured. You don't remember your name, but you remember someone is after you.

XIII Brighton Beach XIII Brighton Beach

After being taken to the first-aid post, someone kills the lifeguard. They want you. You get up and make your escape.

XIII Brighton Beach

You make your way across the dock to the other side. For some reason you remember combat skills. The bald man from the phone booth in the introduction is shouting to the guards in the area. After fighting a few more guards to get the key to the truck, you escape the docks in it.

XIII Brighton Beach XIII Brighton Beach
Know your arsenal
XIII Key XIII Medkit XIII Medkit XL XIII Knife XIII 9mm XIII .44 Special XIII Kalash

Remember their faces

JANETThe good ones always go first...

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