Mr. Rowland? It's been such a long time...

11:00 AMYou arrive at Winslow Bank in the financial district of New York.

XIII Winslow Bank

After accessing your safe you realize there was a trap set up by yourself. There is a big explosion and you need to escape the bank. You overhear Jasper Winslow informing of your presence, someone very powerful wants you dead. The Mongoose is in charge of killing you.

XIII Winslow Bank XIII Winslow Bank

You avoid hurting innocent people, but while you are escaping there is a robbery in the bank. The security guards and the robbers try to kill you. You take a hostage to make your way out. While escaping you take out the criminals until reaching the fire escape, where you are stopped by Samuel Amos and various FBI agents who take you into custody for the assassination of the President of the United States.

XIII Winslow Bank XIII Winslow Bank
Know your arsenal
XIII Key XIII Medkit

Piece things together
XIII Briefcase

Remember their faces

WINSLOW BANK'S STAFFJasper Winslow is one of the richest men on earth. However, he is not really appreciated for anything else.

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